January 24th, 2020:
"Dead Letter Office" by R.E.M., "So" by Peter Gabriel and "Utvandrarna/Nybyggarna"....


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234. Nada (1974, Claude Chabrol)
235. Nashville (1975, Robert Altman)
236. Natural Born Killers (1994, Oliver Stone)
237. No Country for Old Men (2007, Joel Coen & Ethan Coen)
238. North by Northwest (Menneskejagt) (1959, Alfred Hitchcock)
239. Nosferatu – The Vampyre (1979, Werner Herzog)
240. Notorious (Berygtet) (1946, Alfred Hitchcock)
241. Nuovo cinema Paradiso (Mine aftener i Paradis) (1988, Giuseppe Tornatore)
242. Nybyggarna (1972, Jan Troell)